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How to use Haplly : Many ways to show your emotions

Haplly will suggest people nearby. Once a profile is presented to you, you have five options:

Swipe right to Pink rose

If you like what you see just pink rosed i.e. swipe right. They won’t know you pink rosed them unless they perform any action. Haplly is completely anonymous and rejection free.

Swipe left to pass

Swiping left means you’re not interested in the person. They won’t be shown to you again, and won’t know that you swiped on them either.

Press Teddy to gift

If you like what you see, want to give a virtual gift you can use Teddy button to express extra for someone. You got limited of Teddy, use them wisely.

Press Yellow rose to initiate friendship

If you are here to make friends Yellow rose is for you. Just press Yellow rose and write something to give a nice start.

Press Red rose for extreme emotion

If you supernumerary express your feeling for what you see and want to be with that person this exclusive button helps you out here. Just press this button and write something you feel to be with him/her. You got limited of Red Rose, use this wisely.

Press Purple rose for liking someone pic

If you like someone’s photo or video you can show your appreciation with Purple rose. Just press Purple rose and express yourself. This little appreciation motivates people.

You’ve got a match

If someone you liked has like you back. Congratulations, you’ve got a match! Now you can start chatting. Good luck!